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Matariki Festival - Trading KAI for KAI

When: Saturday, 26 July 2014 - 1.00pm
Where:Tuatara Design Store, 29 Bank St, Whangarei
Event Contact:For more information contact:

TUATARA is hosting a MATARIKI Harvest and Planting CELEBRATION in the form of a swap meet/ time for trading.

 Celebrating three themes this year:  

1. Each of us acting as a Kaitiaki/Guardians of our resources

2. Heritage seeds

3. Sharing abundance 

All people welcome! Bring your "surplus to requirements" wintergarden veges, or last autumn's preserves, or some smoked kai moana, or some seeds/seedlings that are in excess to your gardening needs, …SWAP & TRADE with the others present on the afternoon for what you'd like.  

 We can all express gratitude for the bounty of nature and prepare for the new season planting, without one cent changing hands!  

 A gathering of likeminded community from all nationalities living in Whangarei area, and in the spirit of Matariki, honouring those who have passed and preparing well to provide for our future.