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Matariki Festival - Matariki Sky - Every Saturday only

When: Wednesday, 18 June 2014 to Monday, 30 June 2014 - 7.30pm
Where:Planetarium North, Heritage Park, 500 SH14, Maunu
Entry and Tickets:Book at www.planetariumnorth.co.nz
Adults $15, Children $7.50
Event Contact:www.planetariumnorth.co.nz

This is how we celebrate the New Year, looking for the heliacal rising of the Matariki cluster in the pre-dawn sky.  Local Maori look for the new Moon following the first sighting of Matariki as their signal that a new year was starting, the old year was to be remembered, and the shortest day had arrived.

In our planetarium this month you will see why Matariki is not seen for most of April and May. Each Saturday evening our staff will be celebrating Matariki with you, reserve your seat at our website today.