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BePure - The Gut Brain Connection

When: Wednesday, 16 October 2019 - 7.00pm
Where:Forum North - Cafler Suite
Entry and Tickets:For tickets - Phone: 0800 52 54 52
Email: info@bepure.co.nz
Event Contact:Phone: 0800 52 54 52
Email: info@bepure.co.nz

Join leading Clinical Nutritionist, Ben Warren, for an eye-opening evening seminar on the latest research into our interlinked gut-brain connection and start learning how nourishing your gut could nurture a more calm, joyful and peaceful mind.

Often feeling anxious or low?
Battling bloating or indigestion?
A gut feeling something’s not quite right?

The brain and gut have a powerful feedback loop. They are physically linked by millions of nerve endings and biochemically connected by gut microbes that play a huge role in managing inflammation in the body and brain.   

In his latest seminar, Ben shares his personal passion for the gut-brain connection, from his years of clinical experience and the latest research and findings on how our modern world and lifestyle is challenging our precious gut and mind health.


This seminar has been created by Ben, for people of all ages, experiencing or supporting someone experiencing:

o    Anxious thoughts

o    A sense of being 'overrun' by a busy mind

o    Low mood or mood swings

o    A general feeling of ‘flatness’

o    Bloating

o    Inflammation

o    Leaky gut

o    Reflux/Heartburn

o    Constipation

o    Diarrhoea

o    General upper and lower digestive issues

o    Those interested in a holistic, natural approach to mental wellness


In this 2 hour seminar, Ben will share:

o    The physical and biochemical gut-brain connection and why it is so important

o    What is disrupting our gut-brain connection in the modern world and how this impacts our mental and physical health

o    How diet and lifestyle factors can positively support mental wellbeing

o    Key gut-loving tips to support nurturing great mental and physical wellness, and why

o    A practical, how-to guide for loving your gut, and putting you back in the driver’s seat of your mind