Toll Stadium
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Ngapuhi Festival 2018 - Toi Ngapuhi Maori Arts Exhibition - Toll Stadium

Saturday, 27 January 2018 - 8.00am to 8.00pm
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Toll Stadium / Conditions of Entry

Toll Stadium is a modern venue designed to meet the sporting, cultural and function requirements of the greater community. To ensure that all patrons enjoy their experience, entry into Toll Stadium is subject to the following conditions. Toll Stadium hirers may impose additional conditions for individual events.

Patron and Bag Searches

  • All patrons and their possessions may be subject to searches before entering Toll Stadium.
  • Searches may also be carried out during an event and when leaving Toll Stadium
  • Patrons who refuse to participate in searches may be denied entry to Toll Stadium asked to leave the venue.
  • All vehicles entering and leaving Toll Stadium may be searched.
  • Prohibited items will be confiscated

Dress Code

All patrons entering the Toll Stadium must be appropriately dressed. For your own safety and the enjoyment of everyone, please comply with the following:

Clothing must conform to reasonable standards of decency:

  • No bare feet are permitted
  • No clothing or signs displaying offensive messages
  • No Gang Patches
  • No high visibility type vests or jackets that may be confused with security staff

Playing Surface

Patrons are not allowed on the playing area before, during or after sports events. Breach of this rule will result in eviction, and issue of trespass notice.

For certain events, access to the playing field may be permitted to patrons holding valid tickets. Patrons must follow the directions of Toll Stadium Staff.

Patrons may be refused entry to Toll Stadium if they:

  • Appear intoxicated/under the influence of drugs or exhibit disorderly behaviour
  • Fail to comply with security or gate staff requests
  • Attempt to bring in prohibited items.
  • Have been previously issued with a trespass notice that still applies
  • Are not authorised to be in Toll Stadium for example have no valid entry ticket or accreditation pass

Patrons will be asked to leave Toll Stadium if they:

  • Use obscene language
  • Are verbally or physically abusive, or behave in a disorderly or offensive manner
  • Are intoxicated
  • Are carrying out unauthorised activities within Toll Stadium
  • Throw items in the air or onto the pitch (including during Mexican waves)
  • Fail to comply with these policies

Patrons may bring the following food and drink items:

  • Sealed clear plastic water bottles up to 1 litre in size
  • Empty plastic water bottles may be filled in Toll Stadium from water outlets provided. The one litre size restriction applies.
  • Small amounts of food for personal consumption, such as sandwiches, fruit, chippies, cakes etc.**
  • Contained in one small bag per ticket holder
  • Bag must be soft-sided and fit under your seat

Ample food and beverage outlets are easily accessible from Toll Stadium.

** Corporate box holders should refer to their Corporate Box License for the terms covering the supply of catering to the box

Patrons may not bring into the Toll Stadium:

  • Alcohol
  • Beverages other than water
  • Thermos flasks
  • Glass bottles or cans
  • Hot food
  • Commercially produced takeaway food such as McDonalds, KFC, Subway, pizza etc
  • Chilly bins, picnic baskets or large bags
  • Illicit Drugs
  • Sound amplifiers including loudhailers
  • Musical instruments
  • Recording devices for commercial purposes
  • Prams, strollers, pushchairs
  • Dogs or other pets (guide dogs are permitted)
  • Flares, fireworks, laser pointers
  • Knives or other dangerous weapons
  • Skateboards, roller blades, scooters or bicycles
  • Chairs of any kind
  • Signs or banners that are obscene, offensive or abusive
  • Flag poles of more than one metre in length
  • Any other item that Events Centre management determine may cause injury or public nuisance or inconvenience to any other person.


  • There is no smoking in Toll Stadium
  • Smoking is not permitted within 10 metres of the Toll Stadium entrances


  • For the safety and security of patrons, surveillance cameras are in use throughout Toll Stadium.
  • Patrons must not sit or stand in aisles, or block entry doors or emergency exits.
  • Some sporting and other activities are dangerous. Patrons viewing such activities do so at their own risk.
  • There are no pass outs at some events.
  • Radios, CDs, TVs may be used only with earphones
  • Patrons are requested to turn off cell phones during play or performances in the seating bowl
  • Cameras, videos, tape recorders and other recording devices may be prohibited for certain events
  • Umbrellas may not be raised in the main grandstand
  • Patrons bring personal items into Toll Stadium at their own risk. The venue will not be held responsible for any damages to, loss or theft of a patron's personal property
  • Advertising promotions and product giveaways etc are not permitted on the Toll Stadium property (this includes the car park areas of Toll Stadium), unless expressly authorized by the Events Centre Trust in writing. Any unauthorized product giveaways will be confiscated
  • No alcohol is to be removed from Toll Stadium
  • Children under the age of 14 must be supervised by an accompanying adult.