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Heath Franklin's Chopper - The Silencer - NEW DATE - Forum North

Second Show Announced! 9:30pm Tuesday 13th March.

Tuesday, 13 July 2021 - 7:30pm
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Events big or small bring people together for various reasons, to support and cheer on a sports team, fundraising, for celebrations, to change a town's city or image and to promote a company's product or service. 

Events have the unique ability to unite people through shared goals and experiences and can create a major buzz. They can enhance the quality of life and provide economic benefits to a town through visitors coming from outside the area and spending money in our cafes, motels and shops.

Regardless of size or event type, events have certain factors in common, they all require planning, a lot of commitment, a wide range of skills, energy and enthusiasm.

The pages contained in this section of the website are provided to assist event organisers in putting together a successful event in Whangarei. They are a guide and further advice should be sought in some areas.

Feel free to contact the Venues and Events team for further information.

We would like to thank Events and Venues Rotorua for their assistance and providing information for this site.