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Heath Franklin's Chopper - The Silencer - NEW DATE - Forum North

Second Show Announced! 9:30pm Tuesday 13th March.

Tuesday, 13 July 2021 - 7:30pm
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Plan an Event / Run Sheet

Your event is nearly here and after all the hard work and planning you have put into it, the event is starting to take shape. At this stage you will need to start looking at the details for the running of your event from start to finish including the set-up, the event and pack down.

For example what time is security arriving onsite to open the gates for set up staff and what time will the post event clean up crew be finished.

All of this information should be collated into a detailed event programme or run sheet which will include all the tasks associated with getting the event up and running and will be set by date, time, location and responsibility.

Each person involved in the planning of your event should be given a copy of the run sheet so they know who is taking care of any given task and the more detailed information you include, the better they will be able to do their job. Remember it could be the simplest thing you forget to include that will have an effect on the smooth running of your event so small or large, it doesn’t hurt to include it.

Build in contingency time of 10% - 15% for each job above your estimated time. Include a contact list of main event contacts and ensure everyone is aware of the line of control, if an issue arises who is the contact person. Build in staff and volunteer breaks including cover during the breaks. If you develop a run sheet from two weeks out from your event, expect constant tweaking.

As people meet leading up to the event and find out other people’s plans and requirements, timings will be adjusted. Ensure you label the version of your run sheet to eliminate any confusion. For example DRAFT Version 2 26.11.12

To get further advice on putting together an effective run sheet or to get a run sheet template, email