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Plan an Event / Health and Safety and Risk Management

It is important to note that all events, must comply with recognised safety standards. Organisers are responsible under the law for the safety of everyone at the event, including public, members and / or any employees.

There are several basic steps to help you create your Health and Safety Plan; Identify all possible hazards (anything that could cause harm to anyone) and decide who might be harmed and how.

Check the risks (the likelihood and effects of a hazard happening) and decide on the action you will take to minimise the risks.

Work out how you will put your planned action into practice and keep a written record of your plans (a safety manual).

Make a short written assessment of each of the attractions and / or activities that make up the event. Identify all the possible hazards that could occur. Remember any materials, structures or machinery on or around the site that might add risk to the event, such as ladders, water features, gas or other fuel containers etc.

Further information can be obtained from the New Zealand Major Events - Health and Safety for Events website (Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment).

Health and Safety for Events

When you have listed the possible hazards of each activity, the next step is to decide how you will reduce the risks in each case and the precautions you intend to take.

Ask anyone supplying and / or operating attractions / activities and / or equipment to provide you with their own written assessments and include these with your assessments.

When listing possible hazards it is important that you consider:

  • older people
  • people with disabilities
  • children (who may be unsupervised)
  • excitement generated by the activity
  • approximate number of people expected.

It is vital for your protection legally and for the safety of all participants that you acknowledge all the risks associated with your event and that you take steps to minimise, isolate or eliminate the identified risks.

For a Health and Safety Plan template, visit the Event Management Resources section of this website.

Event Management Resources


For information and advice on public events and gatherings at different alert levels, visit the official COVID-19 website.

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