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Kevin Bloody Wilson F.U.P.C NZ Tour (POSTPONED) - Forum North

Tuesday, 13 September 2022 - 7:30pm to 10:00pm
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New Semenoff Stadium lights

​The first of Semenoff Stadium’s new, state-of-the-art lighting towers has been installed and the project to replace all the floodlights is right on track for the 2021 Rugby World Cup games.

The first light tower to be raised in the $3.358 million project went up by 9:00am on 23 February 2021 with no issues and the rest will go up over the next week.

The new high-tech lights and towers are bright enough for high definition television recording and broadcasting of domestic and international games.  The towers are also 10 to 15 metres taller so the lights can be tilted to shine down onto the field, rather than across it, which is better for broadcasting and residents nearby as it reduces light spill. 

Venues and Events Manager Carina de Graaf reported that the seamless operation was par for the course on the project.

“It is testament to the way a wide range of stakeholders in this project have worked willingly together to achieve the best outcome for all involved.

“In 2019 sportsfield lighting specialists Stevenson & Turner came on board to assist with the Design Build Contract. Musco/Highway Electrical worked with Stevenson & Turner to design the lighting system. Peter Neeve and Stevenson Turner worked together to guide us through the consent process. 

“Once consent was granted Highway Electrical came on site in November 2020 and engaged local contractors wherever possible to complete the work. Their attention to detail and communication has been great from the outset. All worked with the Infrastructure Projects team and Venues and Events team to minimise disruption to the stadium, tenants and events.”

Mrs De Graaf said the new lights will use less energy, light spill and maintenance thereby reducing costs and ultimately bringing more events to the District. Every major event hosted at the Stadium brings with it social and economic benefits for the residents, boosts tourism, accommodation, entertainment and hospitality.