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Heath Franklin's Chopper - The Silencer - NEW DATE - Forum North

Second Show Announced! 9:30pm Tuesday 13th March.

Tuesday, 13 July 2021 - 7:30pm
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Semenoff Stadium

Venues and Events
51 Okara Drive
Whangarei, New Zealand
Office Phone: +64 9 430 4833
Bookings and Enquiries:

Forum North

Venues and Events
c/- Whangarei District Council
Rust Avenue
Whangarei 0148, New Zealand
Office Phone: +64 9 430 4244
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Postal Address

Semenoff Stadium

Private Bag 9023
Whangarei 0148
New Zealand

Forum North

Private Bag 9023
Whangarei 0148
New Zealand

Venues and Events Whangarei Team

Carina de Graaf

Manager - Venues and Events Whangarei
E: Carina de Graaf

Rachel O'Gorman

Team Leader - Marketing and Events
E: Rachel O'Gorman

Nic McCully

Team Leader - Operations
E: Nic McCully

Gemma Aspden

Team Leader - Major Event Planning and Administration
E: Gemma Aspden

Sarah Gardner

Venues and Events Co-ordinator (Semenoff Stadium)
E: Sarah Gardner

Petra Gray

Community Events Co-ordinator
E: Petra Gray

Pat Amson

Venues Administrator
E: Pat Amson

Jade Hogan

Marketing and Ticketing Assistant (Forum North)
E: Jade Hogan

Shawn Douglas

Audio Visual Technician
E: Shawn Douglas

Jordan Cristof

Venues Steward
E: Jordan Cristof

Angie Selkirk

Venues Steward
E: Angie Selkirk

Roy Lubo

Venues Steward
E: Roy Lubo

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